Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Visual Arts with the Hub

This week in our Arts programme, Weka Hub have been looking at how we draw. We have learnt about contour drawing, sketching and how to make different marks with our pencils. We have used the Weka bird as our model. We are getting pretty good and our final sketches are almost ready to share. Here are some photo's of us hard at work.

Aroha nui 
Weka Hub

Measurement in Room 18

In maths time this week Room 18 has been focusing on measurement. Today we lined up and compared our heights. We wrote sentences using words like taller, tallest, shorter and shortest.

"Misiluni is the tallest in room 18" - Jiian
"Brinna is taller than me" - Kayleigh
"No one is shorter than Faith" - Logan
"Logan is shorter than me. Faith is the shortest in the class" - Samuel
"Ava is shorter than me" - Amelia

We also went for a sprint at fitness time and compared our speed using words like faster, fastest, slower and slowest.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Room 17's Fabulous Faces!

Room 17 have been working on some abstract self-portraits. Here are just a couple as a sneak peek. They are hanging in our class cloakroom. We would love it if you came and checked them all out!

Aroha nui 
Room 17

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Room 16 working hard.

Room 16 doing reading activities today.

Room  16's fabulous masterpiece.