Sunday, 29 April 2018


The Weka Hub Teachers have been busy getting our programmes and classrooms ready for the new term. But we are missing just one thing...

Time to come back whanau we miss you!

To build the excitement here's a look at our Term One.

Above and below: At the start of term we did lots of learning about what collaboration is and what it will look like in Weka Hub. In our hub we learn with students across rooms 16, 17 and 18. 

Above: In Weka Hub we celebrate each other's learning success. Lagavale is super impressed with the learning Jemmary is doing!

Above and Below: We took part in the school cross-country. Mrs Hamilton took us through some stretch before our races. Here is Max and Mrs Wasley watching the older students race.

Above and Below: We have been doing lots of investigating and sharing of learning as we inquired into the design of our Tremendous Space. We have plans for a giant bush area!

Above: Here are some shost from our Triathlon. We had lots of fun!
Aroha nui