Thursday, 15 November 2018

A hare-y visit in Room 18

On Wednesday this week, Room 18 had some very special visitors - rabbits! They were very soft and definitely loved all the attention they were getting! We really enjoyed getting to know some furry companions! 

Here are a few photos: 

Thank you so much Taygen for allowing us to play with your rabbit and it's friends and to your Aunty for bringing them in! 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Whanau Hui

Above: Kaumatua Matt Konia sharing some important information about our local Wellington area.

We had the most amazing time at the Trentham School Whanau Hui tonight. Kaumatua Matt Konia kicked things off with a karakia and a description of the important places in our wider Wellington area, before we all got crafting! We wrote our own pepeha and presented them in beautiful Korowai we created with our whanau. Some will be shared proudly at school in our hall. Thank you to the Weka Hub families that came down to participate. It was awesome to see you all there.

Above: Alexis weaving with her whanau.

Above: Eliza and her whanau preparing their Korowai.

Above: Eliza working with her whanau.

Above: Mackenzie and her whanau working together as a team.

Aroha nui
Weka Hub

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Weka Hub Inquiry Art

During Term 3, Weka Hub students learnt all about culture - whether this was looking into their own culture or looking at our hub and school culture. Our goal was to create a piece of art that displays our learning and understanding.

We collected bottle tops, we borrowed glue and a piece of wood. We used left over paint from our Treemendous Makeover to create the piece of art below:

'Ako' refers to the learning process, whether this is from teacher to learner or learner to teacher - it shows the reciprocal nature of learning within Weka Hub and Trentham School.  This is an important part of our culture.

We can't wait to display this for everyone to see. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Weka Hub's Culture

In Weka Hub this term, our inquiry focus is on culture. It is all about learning about who we are, where we are from and what is special and unique about us - whether this is knowing another language, coming from a different country or celebrating different things.

Here are some photos from our learning journeys. 

Above: A photo of Kishan, Carlos and Tony looking at a map of New Zealand and where the different iwi's are. 

Above: A photo of Room 18's plotting wall. We have found out where we are born and also if we are connected to an iwi and have plotted these on the maps (images shown below).

Room 18 have also done a country study. We really enjoyed doing these. Here are some photos of what we learnt.


It has been so interesting finding out where we are all from and how all these things make us so unique and different. 

- Miss McPhail 

Monday, 10 September 2018

Room 17's Calendar Art

Artwork by Lagavale.

Check out our calendar art! It was inspired by our learning about the weather in our Te Reo sessions this term. We think they are so Kawaii and can't wait to share them with our whanau!

Art work by Amber.

Artwork by Liam.
Artwork by Leo.

Artwork by Leah.

Aroha nui
Room Seventeen

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Black and White Disco

Above: Kayla, Alexis, Kiara and Te Mauri
A big thank you to all the whanau and teachers who ran the Disco on Friday night. It was an awesome way to end a full on week of learning. Weka Hub loved dancing with our friends and listening to the fantastic beats put on by the Sua whanau. Check out these photos of the event.

Above: Malina, Nevaeh and Kayla.

Above: Friends from Tui Hub - including Te Mauri and Piripis' big Sisters. 
Above: Ataahua and her beautiful family.
Above: Kayla hanging out with Hannah from Tui Hub.
Above: Ta and Ngawini holding down the drinks stand.
Above: Stacey and Karen from YMCA came and helped too!
Above: Leva and Dora were on beats.
Above: Ataahua and Brieah.
Above: The groove on the dance floor!
Above: Miss McPhail helped in the Candy Store.
Above: Amber dancing with her Mum ♡ 
Above: Lynn dancing with the Rm 17 girls. 
Above: Mrs Wasley dancing with her new friend from Kiwi Hub.  
Above: Zoe and her Mum ♡ 
Above: Favourite photo of the night! Max and Amber Rose.
Above: Max and Ataahua raving it up with their glo-sticks.
Above: Kyden, Levi and Tony busting a move on the dance floor. 
Above: CJ, Kayleigh and Marcus dress in the black and white theme.
Aroha nui
Weka Hub

Monday, 3 September 2018

Reading has changed in Weka Hub!

This term in Weka Hub we have organised our reading programme collaboratively. Mrs Wasley works with a smaller group in Room 16 and Miss McPhail and Miss Burns work with a group of students who get to choose which books they would like to read for the week. 

At the start of the week several texts are shared and students get to decide which workshops they would like to join. This gives greater student agency. Here are some photo's from these sessions over recent weeks.

Above: At the start of our session we discuss the days activities in a learning circle. We are working hard to strengthen our learning dispositions.
Above and below: On Mondays Te Rōpū Rākau head to the library to work with Janine.

Above: Cory and Amber Rose work on an independent spelling activity - putting together word chunks.
Above: Atasha, Amberly and Lydia working on literacy games using the iPads.