Saturday, 9 December 2017

Mrs Su'a is our Princi - PAL!

Above: Room 17 chowing down with Mrs Su'a.

Room 17 won an art competition at the Trentham School Track- a- Thon. Our prize was a special morning tea with Mrs Su'a. We wrote some questions to ask Mrs Su'a. At the morning tea there was yummy food to eat with Mrs Su'a. We had Twisties, cupcakes, fairy bread, popcorn and lollies. I had a lot of fun with Mrs Su'a.
- Manea Sua, Yr2.

Above: We worked as a team to paint and hot-glue gun the main board.
Above: Room 17 students each created a flower that hung in vines under the board.

Aroha nui
Room Seventeen

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed chowing down with you guys and answering your questions!