Saturday, 30 June 2018

Our Matariki Breakfast!

A big thank you to all the whanau that came down to our Matariki breakfast to help Weka Hub celebrate. We had such a fun day with all our collaborative activities, and this was a brilliant way to get things started.

I couldn't decide which photos to post, because they all made me smile - so get ready for a photo dump!

Aroha nui
Miss Burns

Thank you for cooking our sausages Mrs Turner!

The Photos below are of Weka students in the Kowhai Whanau Group. We made kites with our senior buddies. Check out Kayleigh, Piripi's big sister!

Aroha nui

Weka Hub


  1. That was also my wonderful son Daniel who got up early to cook sausages for everyone! Thanks Dan.

  2. Thank you Dan. I don’t think he and Mrs Turner appreciated the early morning photos. But breakfast was awesome from all the helpers!